Cherry Hood

Try to find brushes like these - all synthetic bristles- plenty of bounce back when wet.  The bristle or handle colour is not important. Reno brushes from Dollar Shops or Discount shops are excellent Quality. I have 5cm wide flat brushes for sale at the workshop for $15. these brushes are essential for the workshop

Windsor & Newton Watercolour Paints
are available for you to buy at the WORKSHOP.
 Please use this list as a price guide
and don't pay more. 


Use this list as a price guide, you should not pay more:
14ml tubes $26.50 each
Van Dyke Brown
Naples yellow
Titanium White

5 ml tubes
French Ultramarine Blue $16
Alizarin Crimson (non permanent) $15

Black (lamp, mars or Ivory) $15

Optional colours 5ml tubes
Burnt Sienna and Prussian Blue $15 each

Above shows some ideal shallow plastic containers for mixing paint and making washes,  a simple cheap spray bottle from the hardware store, (don't buy from Coles! they don't work for long) and my palettes. These large rectangular plastic paletts are ideal for my workshop.

WARNING!! Eckersley's has recently sold several of my students Arches  PRINTING  paper (which is like painting on blotting paper!)  please be sure your Arches paper has 'Aquarelle' embossed in the corner!

What to Bring for Cherry Hood Watercolour Workshops

I have dozens of photos for students to use at my residential workshops here in my studio.

PAPER, I have Arches 300gsm here for sale for $15 per sheet so please don't pay more.

The 640gsm paper I have for sale is $32 per sheet! Yikes its expensive now! 300 gsm is VERY good!!

Arches watercolour paper, rough or medium - (cold pressed) or smooth (hot pressed), its a matter of your taste.

Buy 300 gsm or 640 gsm (we will not be stretching the paper)

Bring at least 3 large (580mm x 760mm) sheets for the weekend course.

please don't roll your paper.

Do not bring, Chinese calligraphy paper as it is too absorbent.  Printing paper is also too absorbent because it does not have sizing on the surface and all-purpose paper is often not absorbent enough. Watercolour paper has a gelatin medium called sizing on the surface which makes it perfect for watercolour painting.

PALETTE   LARGE rectangle WHITE PLASTIC PALETTE Bring a palette with plenty of pots for paint, plus places for mixtures and watery mixtures, see picture above.

CONTAINERS   I have dozens of containers in the studio. If you are flying don’t bother to bring containers,

You need one large container for water and half a dozen small containers, shallow plastic dip or takeway containers are great.  A large opening is needed for your big brushes. Takeway food containers are very good. White or clear so you can easily see the colour of the paints or the dirtyness of your water. We will be pouring paint which has been mixed up in these containers. Screw top containers are handy to take home left over mix especially the flesh colour which can be difficult to get right. 

I have dozens of miscellaneous containers for your use, so you don't need to bring them especially if you are flying here.

PAPER TOWELS  Bring two large rolls of soft, very absorbent paper towel - my favourite brand is Handee.
Paper towel is not just for cleaning up but it is a very important part of your painting equipment.

See Picture above - I have the wide, flat, 5cm brushes (not pictured) for sale here for $15

Bring one FLAT soft Nylon or Synthetic brush which is 5cm wide. The 6cm brush is too large for the paper we are using in the workshop.
Bring a couple of large soft FLAT synthetic brushes from 2cm and wide up to 4cms wide.
Bring about 3 ROUND Nylon brushes from fine for detail to large for washes.  Check when you buy them that they have plenty of spring back when wet and bent and that they form a good sharp point. The pic above is a good example of what you need.

You need at least one - one cm square finish VERY STIFF nylon or synthetic oil painting brush, these are great for scrubbing back small areas. 

Cheap plastic 500ml water spray bottle from Bunnings,  

(plus you can also get a small fine spray from art suppliers but it's not essential) 

Ruler and waterproof Pen, fine or medium, not thick)

Bring a couple of very large sheets cheap Bond or low grade Cartridge paper or similar paper for making long strips for measuring and scaling up. (not for painting on) try to get the cover sheet for your paper when you buy it. There's a good cover sheet in each pack of 5.

Masking or sticky tape. 


Great tip!

In the cleaning section of Coles and Woolies you can find a little white sponge called a Magic Cleaner. It's for cleaning marks off walls etc. It is perfect for cleaning sections of your painting which need to be changed. 


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