Cherry Hood Residential Workshops

The next residential weekend workshop  

April 28th and 29th 2018

Workshops are held in Cherry Hood's spacious

studio on her farm 'Crystal Hill' 

near Goulburn NSW

  • The cost of two day workshop, accommodation and meals is $720 per person
  • you can pay by Direct Debit, Pay Pal, Credit Card and Apple Pay facilities
  • Just $530 for the workshop for locals ( who do not need to stay) and $190 for two nights accommodation for travellers who stay 2 nights.
  • Students usually arrive the afternoon or evening on The Friday before the workshop  to unpack and settle in and have dinner. We all get to know each other a little.
  • Very often it suits students to also stay on the Sunday night after the workshop finishes, (for an additional $95)
  • There are usually no more than 7 students in the studio.
  • Students can bring a partner (for and extra $190) as long as they share a bed.
  • Groups or families can apply for a workshop to themselves and individuals can apply for a private workshop 




Please note: that for pop-up workshops we can only accommodate 3 students in their own bed. They stay in the artists apartment attached to the studio. Each person has their own bedroom with a queen bed. Nearby is a bathroom shared by no more than 3 people.
During our monthly weekend workshops students stay in the Homestead as well as the artists apartment. Each Student has their own bedroom with a queen size bed.  Nearby is a bathroom shared by no more than 3 people.

Upstairs in the Homestead we have a large bedroom with a comfy double sofa bed as well as a kings size bed and ensuite bathroom. This bedroom suite can be shared by parent and child, two good friends who choose to use this room, or a couple.


We require a 50% deposit to confirm your booking.   

We'll email you an invoice or bank details when you let us know you would like to book in.  

Please go to the contacts section of this website and send an email message to inquire about the workshop and or booking and payment. 

Students attending workshops at Crystal Hill will automatically have accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights if they require it for $190. 

There is No need to book accommodation at Crystal Hill separately.   All meals and snacks, linen and towels are provided. 

See for images of the Homestead and the Farm.

Workshops Each day Cherry Hood demonstrates exactly how she makes a painting from scratch. the first day from a photo of a directly front on Face, the second day from a face which is turned slightly to the side,

Cherry Demonstrates her simple scaling up technique which in allows students to overcome the foreshortening and distortion which can occur in larger paintings. 

Scaling has been used by artists for many centuries but the famous artist Chuck Close is a great example of a contemporary artist who uses scaling to make his huge paintings of the human face.

Students will work from a photograph of a face. Cherry has dozens of images available for students to use.

Cherry’s scaling technique allows students to get the exact proportions of a face and position the features. This short cut to drafting the face allows students much more time to enjoy learning Cherry's very loose painting with the beautiful medium of watercolour.  Students are therefor not overburdened with ‘drawing’ or copying the image of the face onto the paper. Students who use projectors are welcome to bring images which are already drafted onto their watercolour paper. Cherry has recently introduced the use of a projector 📽 in her course for students to learn and use to draft their images.

Cherry helps each student with their individual needs as she encourages them to make an amazing painting rather than a copy of a face. 

To make a very good painting is a better goal than to make a likeness. 

Cherry then encourages students to really go for it with large brushes and very watery paint. Loose painting, pouring wash from containers and moving the paint around without the use of a brush, even hands are used sometimes, the aim is a great painting rather than a likeness!!!! This is not a portrait painting workshop - it's a workshop aimed at pushing students to make a fantastic painting that is like nothing they have done before.

Cherry wants students to grow in experience and encourage them to do all kinds of other workshops and take on a many techniques as they can so they have choices when the decide what it is they really want to do.

Private workshops: Individuals or Groups may approach Cherry to run a workshop for them at dates other than those advertised at her studio near Goulburn.

How to get to Crystal Hill (Cherry's farm)


Students who come by car will be sent exact directions, let us know from which direction you will be travelling to Crystal Hill. It's just on the Sydney side of Goulburn NSW. Only 2 hours drive from Sydney. Except in Friday Peak traffic (2.30pm to 6pm from Sydney) at which time it takes 3 hours, so try to leave Sydney by 2.30 or 3 pm.


There are train services from Canberra, Sydney or Melbourne to Goulburn (which is only 20 mins from us.) and we can pick you up from the station.  Then on Monday we can take students back to the train station. 

PLEASE NOTE: There must be very special circumstances for us to collect you from the train around six or seven in the evening on Friday. Its dinner time and meet and greet time at the Homestead so try to come earlier.


The closest airport is Canberra - one and one quarter of an hour drive. Sydney Airport is 2 and a half hours drive, more on Friday afternoon/evening. Students will need to rent a car or catch the train. as we can not collect you from either airport.


Please go to the contacts page on this website to send a message about booking in or to ask any questions

 Please visit for information about accommodation and the farm

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